The coffee industry, still to this day, has one of the highest percentages of slavery within its supply chains. Do you really know where your Cappuccino came from? In this episode, Bryn sits down with Josh Clarke (Director of Coffee at Clifton Coffee Roasters and UK Coffee Tasting Champion, 2019) and Sam Maccuaig (Head of Coffee Sourcing) from Clifton Coffee Roasters, to discuss their experience doing business in the developing world and their efforts to promote ethically and sustainably sourced specialty coffee farms in fragile states.

This episode was recorded on location at Clifton Coffee Roasters facility in Bristol, South West England (28th Nov, 2019). You can find out more about Clifton here.

Clifton roast coffee for Blue Bear Coffee Co. the producers of this show, you can find out more about Blue Bear here.

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