In this episode, Bryn talks to Lexie Smith, Trauma-Informed Consultant and Anti-Trafficking Advocate, about how to identify and respond to someone who has suffered significant trauma and abuse. Lexie also shares her own story of being trafficked and exploited as a ten-year-old girl from a loving, middle-class, suburban American family. 

Lexie is such an amazing communicator and shares some fantastically practical advice about how to navigate this sensitive subject, so do take notes and share this episode with anyone who may benefit from the contained wisdom.

You can follow Lexie on Instagram: @lextheadvocate

Lexie works as a consultant for the campaign group Exodus Cry, you can follow them on Instagram: @exoduscry

And visit them online at:

This podcast was recorded online on the 4th May, 2021, and produced by Blue Bear Coffee Co. Visit our website and follow us on social media @bluebearcoffeeco






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