John Tanago, a lawyer from Chicago, moved with his family to the Philippines seven years ago, to work for an NGO fighting the online exploitation of children (cyber-sex trafficking). John is now IJM's (International Justice Mission) Director of the Centre to End the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. In this podcast, he shares why he chose to get involved in fighting this particularly egregious and burgeoning crime type and how we can help stamp it out.

In our conversation, we reference the groundbreaking work carried out by IJM and their collaborators in Project Lantern, where they witnessed a 79% reduction in the exploitation of children in Cebu, Philippines. Read the summary report here.

We also discuss recent findings from a seven-year prevalence study into the emerging crime of OSEC (Online Sexual Exploitation of Children) in the Philippines. Read the summary report here.

Falling Short is the title of a 2020 report on the disproportionate sentencing in UK courts for those prosecuted for viewing and directing the online sexual abuse of children (average sentence under 2 and a half years). Read the summary report here.

With OSEC offending skyrocketing during Covid-19, we choose to look into this pernicious and harrowing trend and examine what needs to change.

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This episode was recorded online on 16th November 2020.

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