What a year it has been! In this Christmas Wrap-up, Bryn looks back on some of the coffee conversations from the past year and poses the question, what do you want to influence in 2021?

Thank you to all of our guests from 2020, clips of whom appear on this podcast in the following order:

Bex - (Growing up in prison. January 2020)  

Dr Sarah Senker - (Prison talk. January 2020)

Troy Anderson - (Speak up for the poor. April 2020)

Dr Krish Kandiah - (A home for good. May 2020)

Special Agent Alani Bankhead - (Protecting children online. April 2020)

Christian Guy - (How to change the world. November 2020)

Jack Wakefield - (A rubbish podcast. October 2020)

April Tam Smith - (Radical generosity. September 2020)

Claire - (Trafficked at 19. A survivor story. November 2020)

Emily Chalke - (Ella’s story. February 2020)

This podcast was recorded in December 2020, by Blue Bear Coffee Co. You can find out more about this social enterprise by going to our website: bluebearcoffee.com

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